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What is a "wave"?

A wave is a personalized video message from a celebrity. These videos can be booked on wewave by private individuals and companies to surprise, give joy, say thank you or give strength to loved ones.

How do I book a wave?

  1. Find a celebrity you like
  2. Click on "Request"
  3. Let the celebrity know who you are, for whom the wave is and what the occasion is
  4. Enter your personal and payment details → done!

Seconds later the celebrity will find your request in his/her app inbox.

How long do I have to wait for my wave?

Our celebrities are very busy and therefore have up to 7 days to answer your request. Please take this into account when making your booking so that there will be no disappointment if the star does not manage to answer your request in time.

How do I get my wave?

Immediately after the celebrity has recorded and sent their video, you will receive a link by email where you can view, download and share your wave.

Is my booking guaranteed?

We promise that everyone at wewave will do their very best to make every wish come true. Our celebrities are also very interested in making their fans happy. However, unpredictable events may mean that a booking cannot be fulfilled, therefor we cannot 100% guarantee a fulfillment of an order. If this happens, you will of course not be charged for your order.

Can I change an order?

You’ve misspelled your name or noticed it’s actually not the 30 th , but 20th birthday of your girlfriend? No problem! You can change your booking as long as the star has not yet processed your request. Contact us at hallo@wewave.com.

What can I do if I am not satisfied with my wave?

Is the sound of the video so bad that you can’t hear anything? Did the celebrity not mention the name(s) you sent? Write to hallo@wewave.com and we will try to arrange a replacement as soon as possible.

What is the difference between a private and a business video?

  • Private video: For private use (for friends / family / partners)
  • Business video: For commercial purposes (e.g. company anniversaries, product presentations, shop openings or similar)

Can I also book celebrities who are currently not on wewave?

We strive to make sure that you will always find new and interesting celebrities on wewave. If you can’t find your star on here, send us your wish and we will try to get him excited about wewave.

What percentage of the price will be donated?

How much percent of his/her earnings a celebrity is going to donate is decided by himself/herself and shown on the profile page. The share is calculated from 75% of the total video price that we forward to the celebrity. For example: If a celebrity charges 100 € and donates 100% of his earnings, that means 75 € minus VAT will be passed on to the charity.

Can I determine the charity to which the donation is made?

On wewave, each celebrity decides which organization he/she would like to support with his earnings. This cannot be changed by the person booking the wave.

Where can I find more information about the supported charities?

On our charity page you will find a short portrait of all the charities supported on wewave.

Will I receive an invoice for my booking?

Of course you will receive a booking confirmation from us by email for every wave. If you need a detailed official invoice, contact us at payment@wewave.com.

How and why should I contact wewave?

If you have any further questions, you can reach us at hallo@wewave.com, using our contact form or by phone at +49 40 53543018 (Mon to Sat from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.).